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Why Every Page of Your Site Needs a Call to Action


Hey, I'm Joel. Over the last 12 years, I've worked on over 370 websites.  Many of my clients are business owners who already had a website, and just needed it redesigned.  Know what I've noticed with the majority of my redesign clients?  Most didn't have a call to action on every page of their website.  So what is a "call to action," anyway?


In a nutshell, a call to action is when you ask the person visiting your website to do something. To perform an action.  That action might be for them to call you for more info, to send an email, to fill out a form, to make a purchase, or to take some other step.  But do you really need to tell people what to do next?


You need to tell people what their next step is. First off, NEVER assume that someone who visits your website knows what the next step to take is. Tell them exactly what their next step should be. That step might be:

  • Call us now at [phone number] for your free quote

  • Email us for a free estimate

  • Fill out the following form for more information

  • Visit our Products page to make a purchase

Where Should the Call to Action Go on Every Page?


There are different answers to this question.  You can have more than one call to action on every page of your website.  You can have a button or graphic somewhere on the page that tells people what they can do for a free quote, or more info (call us, email us, and how they can reach you).


But one of the best places for a call to action is after you have provided your site visitors with some basic information. That info would be what you're offering, why they need it, and why you're the best business to get that product or service from.


A few business websites have their call to action at the very start of the text on a page of their website.  But the problem is that they haven't properly built up desire in the site visitor yet, to make them want to call. Before you ask them to take the next step, make sure that you've captured the interest of each visitor to your website.


The text on your homepage (or any major service/product page) should:

  • Have a title that sparks interest

  • Let the site visitor know what you offer

  • Tell people what's in it for them if they buy your product/service

  • Stress how this product or service will make their life better

  • Help people understand why they should buy from you and not a competitor

  • Mention any guarantees you offer (money-back, warranties, etc)

  • When possible, include a positive comment from a past client

By that point, you've built up the interest of your website visitor.  You've helped that person understand why they need what you're selling, and why you're the best business to offer it to them.  That's when they should see your call to action.


How Should You Word Your Call to Action?


Just ask yourself what you would like that person visiting your website to do next.  If you sell a product online, you might ask them to make a purchase.  If they need to place an order over the phone, ask them to call you.  If you want them to learn more about your products or services, ask them to email you or fill out a brief contact form.


When possible, you want to create a sense of urgency in your call to action.  What that means is that you should help them understand why they should call or email you now instead of later.  What do they stand to lose if they put off contacting you?  Could they possibly lose money, let a problem get worse, or not have peace of mind until they contact you?  Are you running a temporary sale or special that will be over soon? People are more likely to follow your call to action if you stress why they need to act now.


In summary, try to include a call to action on every major page of your website.  After you've built up desire for your product or service, tell your site visitors what their next step is.  When possible, tell them why they should act now, rather than later.


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