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Why is My Website Not Getting Sales?


Hey there, I'm Joel. I've been designing websites for over 14 years. During that time, plenty of people who already have a website have asked me if I can redesign theirs. And those new clients usually want to know why it is that their site wasn't getting them much new businesses. Or any new business at all. Well, there are a few possible answers.


1. The website looks out-of-date. First impressions count. A current, professional looking site helps a business look credible.


2. The website isn't organized well. Visitors to a website should be able to find what they're looking for as quickly and easily as possible. Grocery stores are organized for a reason. Your website shouldn't be any different.


3. The website doesn't have easy contact options. A business phone number should be easy to find on every page of a website. It should have the option to be clicked on and auto-dialed on a smartphone. Contact forms help. And every page of the site should tell a site visitor what to do next (make a purchase, call, send an email, etc).


4. The website is not set up to rank well on Google. If a site has not been optimized to show up on Google, Yahoo or Bing for its target search keywords, it's not going to get as many visitors as it should. Less visitors means less sales.


5. The website doesn't have persuasive text (copy). This is the big one. Not having good copy is why so many websites fail to turn visitors into customers. And for some strange reason, most web design companies don't even realize this.


Why Does Your Website's Copy (Text) Matter?


Plain and simple: copy is the text that persuades people to give you their money.


Getting your site to rank well on search sites like Google is just one part of getting more business. The other part is persuading site visitors to pay for your service or product. So how can you get more people to buy what you offer? Here's how.


The answer is to have good copy on your website.  When someone visits your website, they're probably interested in what you offer already. But they also have fears and doubts about doing business with someone new. So one of your goals should be to take away as many of their fears as possible.  And that's what makes an interested visitor become a paying customer. Look, I want you to try something real quick.


Look at any page of your website. Not just the homepage, any page. Okay, now pretend that you're a potential customer, visiting that web page for the first time. And then ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does this business offer?

  • Who needs what they offer?

  • Do I need what they're offering?

  • Who exactly is the business?

  • Why should I trust them?

  • How do I know their product/service works?

  • Do they offer any sort of guarantee?

  • What do I do next if I want to become a customer or just learn more?

Does the text on every page of your site answer most of those questions?  If they do, then your site has good copy. If not, you may need to rethink your site's text.


You should try to explain who your service or product is for. Who needs your service. And why they should pay you for it, and not one of your competitors. Don't assume that visitors to your site know what makes you different from the competition. Tell them. And don't assume your visitors know what their next step is if they're interested. Tell them. Whether it's to make a purchase, call you, email you, or fill out a contact form.


Tell People WHY they Need what You Offer.


It doesn't matter what you're selling. Assume that people have no idea why they should pay for your service or product. So what you need to do is tell them the benefits of what you offer. Here's how you do that.


Think of a feature of a product or service that you offer.  Let's say you install wooden decks in people's backyards. Here are the features of that deck: durable, spacious, looks nice. But most people already know that. So tell them the BENEFITS of getting a deck. In other words, what do they stand to gain if they hire you to install one?


A deck from your company is durable.  That means it will last for years, saving them money from future repairs. Benefit: saves money. A deck means they can have family and friends over for cookouts, get-togethers. Benefit: spending time with people, and maybe getting more popular with the neighbors. See where I'm going with this?


We're appealing to people's emotions with all of these benefits.  And emotions are the reasons why we buy certain things.  We buy certain products or services because they can save us money, make us feel better, make us look better, bring us love, become trendsetters, get peace of mind, or avoid bad situations. Think about it:


Tire companies don't really sell tires. They sell peace of mind. Because your family is safer when you're driving on their reliable tires.  Body wash commercials sell men on being more attractive to women. Cereals sell people on looking and feeling better. Arby's calls their sandwiches "Good Mood Food™." Next time you watch commercials, notice how many companies persuade us through emotions (be popular, save time, meet people, protect loved ones, feel better, avoid bad situations). They don't just tell us what they offer, but how it will make our lives better. Because that advertising works.


Still Have Questions About Your Website?

Once again, I'm Joel. And I'd like to hear from you today. I'm the owner and head web designer of Delta Creations. My company has developed over 400 websites since 2001. We have clients across America and worldwide. And one thing our clients love is that I write their persuasive text (copy) at no extra charge.


But you don't have to be a client of mine if you have a few more questions you'd like answered. So whether you'd like a free quote on a website redesign, or just want more info, I'd like to hear from you. Call me now at 225-337-4360. Or just fill out the contact form below. The results go straight to my personal email, and I'll contact you ASAP.






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