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Will Visiting My Site Often Improve Google Rank?

Over the last thirteen years as a web designer, I'm often asked by clients how they can get their website to rank better on search engines like Google.  One question that I get every now and then is whether or not doing searches for a site in Google, and clicking on the link, will help that site rank better.


The short answer is no.  When Google decides how well to rank a website in it's search results, it doesn't pay attention to how often that site is searched for, or even how many people visit that site.  If that really had an impact on Google ranking, site owners would simply pay people to constantly search for their website.


Explaining how Google decides how well to rank a website is complicated.  But here are three main factors that go into how well websites can rank:

  • If a website has been optimized for certain keywords

  • If a website has a good number of links pointing to it from other sites

  • If a website has a good bit of original text with its related keywords

Know What Keywords Your Site Should Show Up For


As far as keywords go, every business has target phrases or words that it wants its website to rank well for.  Los Angeles painter, Miami shoe store, Organic dog treats, etc.  An experienced web designer can optimize your website for your target keywords, so that Google gets a good idea of what your website is about.


Links From Other Websites Will Help You Rank Better


The other factor mentioned was inbound links.  When another website has a link pointing to your own site, Google pays attention.  Google figures that your website must be relevant, or popular, if other site owners are willing to link to you.  The more links you get, the more relevant your website looks to Google.


Make Sure Your Website has Plenty of Original Text


Google loves text.  Loves the stuff.  I always get a few clients that say, "I don't want too much text on this page, I want mostly pictures."  But the truth is that Google can give more importance to a page on your site if it has a good bit of text.  And not just text that you copy and paste from Wikipedia or somewhere else, but original text that you or someone else wrote specifically for your own website.


If you own a home painting company business in Los Angeles, it helps to have those keywords mentioned a couple of times in the text on your home page or other pages.  Don't overdo it, though.  Having a page that simply repeats the words "Los Angeles home painting" over and over won't look natural to Google, and your website can even be penalized for "spamming" keywords.


So having a page with a good bit of original text that mentions your keywords can help that page rank better in Google.  But you still might be worried about how human visitors to your website will react if there's a lot of text.  Well, don't worry.  Studies have been done that proved pages with more text outperform pages with just a little text.  Why is that?


It's because there are two main types of visitors to your website.  Some people who just like to skim and get a little bit of info before deciding on whether to hire you, or buy your product.  And others who want more than just a bit of info.  If you only have one brief paragraph on your home page, maybe that's enough to satisfy the brief reader.  But the visitor who wants to learn more at that moment is out of luck. 


By having a good bit of text, you allow both people to skim if they want, but the more curious site visitor has a chance to keep reading and learn more about your business.  Plus, if you answer questions in advance, that's less time that you or customer service has to spend on the phone answering questions that could have been addressed on your site.


Just remember to organize the text on every page of your website.  Break it into paragraphs.  Add sub-heading titles every now and then to let people know that the text is moving in a new direction.  Use bullet points or number lists in some places to make text easy to skim over.  But don't be afraid of text, especially since Google loves content.


Still Have Questions About Getting Your Website to Rank Better?

Pick up the phone and give us a ring.  Delta Creations has developed over 370 websites across the world since 2001.  We can provide you with free answers to your Google questions.  Please call 225-337-4360 now or send us an email if you still have questions about getting a website to rank better on Google.







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