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*Gift Items: Jewelry, necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings, earrings

Mission Statement:

Studio Urbane, a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, a place where you can express your personal style while enhancing your appearance and renewing your sense of well being.

Let our experienced staff provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to express your beauty within.

Established in 1997, today more than ever, Studio Urbane is dedicated to providing a professional environment that integrates art and science with the human touch.


Being on time for your appointment is greatly appreciated so that you may receive your full service and other clients are not inconvenienced. We allow a 15 minute grace period for late appointments. Anyone later than 15 minutes will have to reschedule.

To ensure that you get an appointment when you want and with whom you want, we recommend that you schedule your next service PRIOR TO LEAVING THE SALON.

If you feel you would be more comfortable or better served by another staff member, please let us know. Never hesitate to reschedule with a different service provider if you feel it would be a better fit.


Should a cancellation or date change be necessary, we request a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice for any single service. A 48 hour notice is required for any multiple service cancellation.


Tipping is always left to the discretion of our clients. We accept checks and all major credit cards.

For Your Comfort

In keeping with our commitment to cleanliness, safety, and hygiene, we serialize and sanitize equipment for all services and treatments. Because we are concerned about your beauty and health as well as our environment, our salon is smoke-free. We are always open to suggestions. Please let us know how to better serve you.

Kara Chaisson - Stylist


Kara Chaisson was born in Jennings and raised in Moss Bluff, Louisiana. She is a current resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has been involved in the beauty industry for the past couple of years. Kara's interest in hair and coloring has set her apart from many stylists. The most important pieces of information I have ever received as a stylist is that understanding the type and texture of hair of hair is the key to working with all customers. Unfortunately, some stylists not only lack the knowledge of hair type and texture but also lack the knowledge necessary to meet the needs of any given client. She embraces continuing education and is not afraid to learn something that will ultimately enable her to service any client who comes to her.

Kara lives for the creation of style, fashion, techniques, products and attitude. For her it is about creating experiences and relationships with her clients, that's what it's all about! Kara loves to be inspired and create change. Robert Cromeans, artistic director of Paul Mitchell and Scott Cole, color director of Paul Mitchell, recently inspired her. The creation in hair styling in the years to come will be the amount of energy that young stylist are prepared to put in, and expand and explore the medium. This is all dependent on the young stylist.

Kara believes that young stylist should play hard with extreme styling, coloring and cutting abilities and elevate all these to new heights. We should always be inspired to create change and this nurtures our abilities to become industry educators, one of Kara's dreams. She wants all stylists to discover the world of opportunity in our global network. This is truly a special thing.



Cynthia Roy - Owner


-Salon owner and stylist for 18 years
-National Color and Haircut award winner
-National Color Trainer and Director for John Paul Mitchell  Systems and Vanguard Salon Systems

After graduating from college in Business and Office Administration in 1983, Cynthia soon after enrolled at Lockworks Academy , owner Sam Brocato, in Baton Rouge , LA. Cynthia grew up with her mother being a salon owner. In 1987 she followed in her mothers footsteps and opened her salon in the small community where she grew up, Morganza , LA.

Cynthia was always on top with what was going on in the hair and fashion industry. It really gets the creativity flowing and that is something her clients relate to. John Paul Mitchell Systems inspired her in 1997 with their education and their diversity with hair. With her rapid growth and inspiration from the company in 1999, she bought a salon in Baton Rouge , LA. , “Studio Urbane,” an exclusive John Paul Mitchell Focus Salon.

Her salon believes so much in education that each stylist is cross trained on all hair types and textures. Cynthia's LOVE for the industry has landed her the position as Color Director , for John Paul Mitchell Systems and Vanguard Salon Systems. She is most recognized for her passion for color and cut . Color is strong and will only get stronger.

Cynthia has performed locally and around the states, has been seen in professional magazines from television to runways to advertising. In 2001 she was chosen as best female stylist in the United States by G.Q. Magazine and John Paul Mitchell Systems.

Her main focus in her salon is to create an intimate and personal environment for her customers. The idea behind a stylist is to find new ways of coloring, cutting, and finishing the hair. The hardest part is staying on top.

To the next generation of hair stylist:

Be humble and always be a student. Respect your teachers and always remember that our clients are our biggest teachers. Always remember that…, “Successful people do all the things that unsuccessful people don't want to do.” (John Paul Dejoria, co-founder and owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems since 1979)

Arielle Doyle


Shannon Riles was born and raised in Central, Louisiana . Single mother of three beautiful children Kyle 14, Ashlyn and Kaitlyn 12 she always knew she wanted to do hair. With encouragement from her children she obtained her Cosmetology License in 2000. It was great to finally have the chance to put her passion of so many years to work.

After only a year of working as a stylist Shannon was introduced to the Paul Mitchell Company through Studio Urbane being a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon. She flew to Las Vegas , this year to celebrate Paul Mitchell's 25 years of business and has since been truly inspired to be the best professionally and has also learned to balance her personal life.

Shannon is very technical and wants things to be perfect. She believes in giving a good consultation before she starts. Her knowledge in chemistry from the Aveda Institute makes her a premier hair colorist. She not only has style and taste but scientific insight on what makes color products work. “Having a Full Color Spectrum is the most exciting in color right now,” says Shannon .

As someone who loves to analyze and learn, she always wants to explore new techniques and ideas. Today everything is about being instant; to do hair really takes time, creativity and skill.

For Shannon , doing hair is a dream come true. It is something Shannon has worked a long time for and it is finally happening. Where ever you want to be…we can take you there.






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