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How to Improve Your Business Website

If you've found this page, you probably already have a website for your business.  So what you're trying to figure out now is how you can get more leads and customers.


There are four important factors in getting a website to produce more leads for you.


Factor #1: Website Optimization


To optimize a website means to make it as effective as possible.  Web designers use Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, to optimize your website for search sites such as Yahoo, Google and Bing.


This first involves researching what the best keywords are for your website.  If your website is about construction in Los Angeles, your target keywords may include "Los Angeles construction company."  Or even more specific keywords such as "roofing contractor in Los Angeles."  Your keywords don't have to involve a specific area, although you will get better results if you focus on cities, towns and states.


One the best keywords are researched, a professional web designer will make sure that your website has been optimized for them.  This includes changes to the coding of the page (which you can't see), or simply adding keyword-rich text to different pages of your website.  Optimizing a website for search engines will help Google figure out what your website and its different pages are about.


Factor #2: Getting Links


If you were to Google the "New York Yankees", the first result is the official website of that baseball team.  But it's not the first result because that's their official website.  After all, how can Google's computers know for a fact that it's official?


Their official website is the first result because it has so many links pointing to it from other websites, blogs, and message boards on the web.  Over 1.3 million links to be exact.  So why do all those links make a difference to Google, anyway?


It's a lot like high school popularity.  In high school, when a popular student is seen hanging out with a new student, the new kid becomes a bit more popular just by association.  So when another website has a link pointing to your site, Google notices it. 


If plenty of other websites start linking to yours, Google really starts to pay attention.  If it already knows what your website is about, and that other people are linking to it, that your website must somehow be very relevant.  That's when Google decides to rank your website better in its results.


There are different ways to get links from other websites.  Some business owners simply ask for links from other website owners.  Some people add interesting content to their website, like videos or useful articles.  But the more links you get from other websites, especially if they are somehow related to what you do, the better you can rank on Google.


Factor #3: Content


I just mentioned how adding interesting content to your website can encourage other people to link to you.  When people find something funny, educational, or interesting on another website, they're likely to share a link to that page with others.  And just like I explained: more links can mean better ranking on Google.  Ranking better means more visitors to your site, and more business.


But adding content to your website is a good thing to do, even if you don't pick up a lot of links from other websites in the process.  And just what is content, anyway?


Content can be an article that you wrote, something that visitors to your website may find helpful.  Maybe it's educational, funny, or a little bit of both.  It can be an article sharing free advice, offering a review of a product you recently bought, or tips on hiring someone in your industry.  If your article page has been optimized for Google, it can bring in new potential customers that were doing a search for the topic that you wrote about.


Articles are also great for explaining things to potential customers.  It can fill in the blanks about your products or services.  And if you add a new article to your website every week, you give people a reason to want to visit your website again.  They may not be a customer now, but after coming back once or twice, you may earn their business.


Content can also be videos.  A business owner can buy an inexpensive digital video camera for only $100-$200.  You can use that camera to film what goes on at your business, or product reviews.  If you own a lawn care business, you can shoot a 1-3 minute video of yourself offering a quick gardening or grass care tip.  How-to videos are a great way to educate people, and keep them coming back to your website.


Factor #4: Good Copy


Copy is the text on a website that encourages visitors to pay for your product or service.  If you have good copy that is broken up into sections, and easy to read, you can definitely get more business.  But the key to writing good copy for your website is to talk about the benefits of your product or service.  You have to tell your website visitors what's in it for them if they decide to give you their money.  So how do you do that?


Think of the features of your product.  If you sell a particular brand of car, the features may include a strong frame, quality brakes, and an aerodynamic design.  Now that you know the features of your product, start thinking about the benefits of each and every feature.  What does that feature really mean to someone interested in buying a car?


The benefit of a strong frame is that the car will protect someone in an accident.  The benefit of good brakes is that you can stop faster, which keeps everyone in the car safe.  An aerodynamic design means there is less drag on the car when you drive fast, and that saves you gas money. 


See the difference?  We're now appealing to people's emotional needs.  As people, we have the need to be safe, to be loved, to save money, to feel good, to avoid bad situations, to be found attractive.  The next time you watch commercials, notice how many of them focus on emotions, and how their product will help you. 


Tire companies don't really sell tires.  They sell the peace of mind you will get from knowing that you're driving safe.  Body wash commercials sell men on being more desirable to women if they smell good.  Cereal commercials sell people on how they will feel after losing weight from a healthy diet.  Restaurants sell us on how fun our experience is going to be ("toss all your worries in the air, go to Outback tonight!")  They all sell the benefits of their products, not just the features.  That's because people tend to buy things for emotional reasons.


So look at the text on your website.  Ask yourself if you're giving visitors to your site the benefits of your product or service.  Make it very clear what's in it for them if they decide to spend money with you. 


Still Have Questions About Improving Your Business Website?

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