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Discover How to Get to the #1 Spot on Google

Hey. I'm Joel. I've been creating websites since 2001.  Over the years, my clients would always ask me to "get them to the top position of Google" for a search related to their business. And even though I've successfully gotten hundreds of clients to the #1 spot of Google, there's something important to keep in mind. Getting your site to the top spot of Google is always possible, but no one can guarantee it.


There are several important factors that will decide whether or not your website will become the top Google result for specific searches.  But the truth is that there's no foolproof way to get those results.  If a web designer or internet marketer tells every new client that they can get them to the #1 spot on Google, be careful. Because it's possible that they either won't really deliver those results, or what they mean is that they expect you to pay Google or someone else for paid ads up at the top.

How Well You Rank on Google Depends on These Things:

  • If each page of your website has been optimized for search engines

  • If pages of your website has the right quality and quantity of text

  • If your website has quality links pointing to it from other sites

  • The age of your website

Optimized for Google.  By this I mean that an internet marketer has researched the keywords that are most important to you.  If you own a construction company in Los Angeles, those keywords might include "Los Angeles construction company."  But an experienced web marketer would also know to optimize different pages of your website for more detailed searches, such as "patio builder in Los Angeles." 


Even though the specific keywords will get less searches each month, they can add up to more business.  That's because you are trying to rank well for keywords that your competitors aren't focused on.  The more specific the keywords you go for, the better your chances are of reaching the #1 spot. Oh, and one more thing you absolutely need to know about keywords....


If an internet marketer is good at optimizing, they will NOT tell you that you will rank well for a search of your business name. If your site is even just barely optimized right, you should automatically show up well for a search of your actual business name over time. Besides, if people already know your company name, they may not be new customers. The goal of good optimization is to get new customers who don't know you to be able find you by doing a search for the services or products you offer.


Of course some marketer can get you to #1 for a search of your business name. Odds are, no one else in your city uses that exact same name. There's no competition for that search. But there is competition for a search of your services or products. It's the potential customers doing those searches that you want to find your site on Google.


The right text.  I can't tell you how many times I've had a client tell me that they don't want "a lot of text" on different pages of their website.  But here's the truth: Google loves text.  If you have a good bit of text that includes your target keywords, it can help a page of your website rank better. 


Notice that I keep talking about getting different pages of your website to show up on Google better, I don't mention just the homepage.  That's because every page of your website has the potential to show up in the first spot of Google for different types of searches. 


A construction website that just has a single page for services will get less visitors over time than a site that has eight different pages for eight different services (patios, driveways, roofing, painting, kitchen remodeling, etc).  If your web designer knows what they're doing, they will create specific pages for specific products or services on your website, and then optimize each page differently for its own set of keywords.


Back to the text.  If a construction client of mine offers roofing services, I want to make sure that I create a page just for roofing.  I optimize it for keywords related to roofing in their city, and I make sure that the page has plenty of text related to roof installation and repair. That client may worry that by having "too much" text, people will get bored. 


But studies have proven that pages with a lot of text outperform pages with only a little text, when it comes to people deciding whether or not to become a client.  It's because the people who just like to skim can skim, but people who want more details aren't cut off, they can keep reading.  Just make sure that the text is broken up into paragraphs, that you use sub-headings to signal that the page is changing its topic slightly, or use bullet points to make things easier to skim.  Also make sure that the page contains important keywords.


Most important of all, original text that you've written yourself tends to help a page rank better than text you simply copied and pasted from another website.  So try to create some original content for different pages of your site, and also make sure that the text on each page of your site is different from the others.


Quality links pointing to your website.  Think of Google like a "popularity contest" in high school.  Let's say that there's a cool kid in school that everyone seems to like.  A new student starts hanging out with the cool kid. After a while, the new student is also considered to be cool, or popular. When a well-ranking website links to your site, Google will take notice.  It's almost as though their link to your site is a vote for popularity.  Your website becomes more relevant to Google, and you move up in position.


But here's the thing: not all links are created equal.  Google gives different value to links based on whether the other site is related to you, and how well that site already ranks.  Let me break it down.  You own a construction website, and a friend of yours launched a pizza restaurant site two months ago.  Your friend puts a link on her restaurant site that points to your site.  So will that give you a boost?


Not much.  First off, pizza doesn't have much to do with construction, so the link won't seem too natural or relevant to Google.  Second, the age of the restaurant site isn't old enough to give them any clout with Google.  Put simply, it's not a "cool kid" voting for you.  But if a construction magazine website that has been online for five years links to you, Google will pay attention.  They're related to what you do, their site has been online for a long time, and they've probably got a bunch of links pointed to them from other sites.  In the end, you share in some of that Google love that gets passed from site to site.


Which leads to the million dollar question for many site owners: how do I get links from the cool kids?  Some website owners contact other site owners, and ask if they'd be willing to trade links.  Others pay websites to link to them (something that Google frowns on). 


But the latest trend is to add original content to your website to encourage people to link to you. By content, I mean text, audio, and video.  Basically something that is genuinely useful to people.  Something educational, entertaining, or both.  A construction business may add a page with tips on how to improve your home.  An accountant may add a blog post with tips on how to choose the right person to do your taxes.  A restaurant may put a video on their website showing how their cooks make a pizza from scratch.


By adding content to your site, and by not trying to push your products or services on people in the process, you give website visitors what they want.  If they find it useful or funny, they're more likely to share your content with others.  They do that by linking to your article or video from message boards, blogs, or other websites.  Or sharing on Facebook or Twitter. Those links pointing to your site make you more relevant to Google, so it can pay off in the long run (not to mention that you improve the brand of your business through content marketing).


The age of your site.  The longer your website has been online (assuming you never change the address of it), the more trust you establish with Google.  If you're trying to get your website to rank for something that isn't very competitive ("snow shoes in Miami Florida"), you may find yourself in the #1 spot of Google in just a few months. 


But if your keywords are competitive ("Miami lawyer"), forget about even getting near the #1 spot in a few months.  It's going to take good keyword optimization, links from other websites, and time to get you to the top spot.  If you just opened a law firm in Miami, consider that hundreds of other lawyers have probably been online for as long as 15 years.  Now, those websites may not be optimized for the right keywords, or have many links pointed to them, but the age of their site still gives them some pull with Google.


When it comes down to it, getting to the #1 position on Google is realistic for many website owners, but you have to be patient.  There really is no shortcut to jump ahead of everyone.  Google will look at how well your site is optimized, who is linking to you, if you have a good bit of original text, and how old your site is.  If you visit a website for a business that promises to get anyone to the #1 spot on Google, read the fine print.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  


Still Have Questions About Website Design or Google?

Give Delta Creations a call today.  We have developed over 370 websites since 2001, and can provide you with free answers to your web design questions.  Our company designs websites for clients across the United States, and has concrete experience at getting them to rank well on Google.  I'm Joel, call 225-337-4360 now and ask for me if you would like a free quote on our services. You may also send us an email.







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