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How Much Does Search Engine Optimization Cost?

Here's the situation. You probably have a website, or you're interested in having one designed. Only you want to make sure that your site ranks well on search engines like Google, right?

Well the costs of having this work done can vary.

There are really two main things that will decide how well your site is going to rank on search engines like Google. One is how well someone has optimized your site itself for a variety of keywords related to your business. The other is how many websites link to yours.

Think of Google as a high school popularity contest. When you have a new website, you're not popular, and Google has never heard of you. But when an established website links to you, Google will notice it. Basically, you have a popular website saying, "Google, I vouch for this new site." And the more websites that link to you, the more popular Google thinks you are. The more popular you get, the better Google will rank you, maybe even to the first page of results.

But it takes more than just links. You need a knowledgeable web designer to research what keywords are best for your website, so they can add them to each page. Someone has to ask you questions about what you want to rank well for, and also do a bit of research on their own.

Getting links and adding keywords to your site usually costs money.

So how much does it cost? Most web design companies charge hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to optimize your site for your target keywords. Some will charge you a monthly fee of several hundred or several thousand dollars to go out and find other sites to link to you. Others will charge you an arm and a leg to write articles, which they put on your site to bring in new visitors from Google.

Do you really have to spend thousands of dollars to rank well on Google? The short answer is no. A few web design companies will include optimization of your website for free. They will research the keywords you need, and add them to the site at no extra charge. They will get you a few links from other websites to get you started, at no extra charge.

So if you want to rank well on Google, the best thing that you can possibly do is shop around and get up-front pricing on search engine optimization. But more importantly, find out what a design firm is including with those services.

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