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How Long Does it Take to Design a Website?

As a professional web designer, I'm often asked how long it usually takes to design or redesign a website. The answer is that it depends on how complex you want your new website to be.

Factors that decide how long it takes:

  • The quality of the graphics

  • The number of pages the site will have

  • If the design company is writing your text

  • The number of revisions you ask for

The first step a web designer takes is usually to find out what you need in a website. That may include the pages you want (services, about us), and the colors you like. This information can usually be provided over the phone, by email, or in a meeting in just one day.

The next step is the graphic design. A designer will create a sample of your new website for you to approve. Most companies will take several weeks, or even a month, to design your sample. Keep in mind that a good design company is usually working on several projects at once. For that reason, they aren't just working on your site, and need time to develop it.

What happens if you don't like the sample? When you make a revision request, it can take days or possibly weeks for the design firm to come up with a revised sample for you. Before you start a project, be sure to ask the company if they will charge extra for revisions. Many companies offer one or two changes to your site for free, but large fees if you keep requesting more.

Once a layout is approved, the different pages of your site must be created. This often takes a few weeks, but could take longer if you ask the design firm to write your site's text for you. If you provide them with text for the different pages, the process may go quicker. If your website sells products, extra time may be needed to add all of them to a shopping cart system.

So how much time will it take to complete your project? On average, most design companies will have your website completed in six to twelve weeks.

You're probably wondering if that's a long time. Well, it is.

We're Delta Creations. It usually takes us one week to design your sample. Once you approve the sample of your website, it usually only takes three days or less to create all of the pages for your site. Of course, this process can take longer if you make more than a few change requests. It can also take a bit longer if you need extra time to send us photos and text needed for the site.

How do we finish your project so fast?

The answer is easy. Most design companies overestimate how much time it will take to design your site. If they tell you that it will take eight weeks, but they finish it in five, it makes them look like they did you a favor.

Many designers bite off more than they can chew. When they take on too many projects at once, your website ends up on the backburner. Instead of taking fewer projects that they can complete quickly, they end up swamped with work, and spend as many as two months trying to finish your project. We take a few select projects at a time, so that we can dedicate more time to your project in the first two weeks.

Communication is also a big issue. Normally, you tell your ideas and suggestions to a salesperson or customer service worker. Then that person has to pass the information along to a designer. It takes time, and sometimes information is lost along the way. At Delta Creations, only your web designer will speak to you personally. Only your web designer will email you.

No pushy sales talk. No uncaring tech support. You will communicate directly with the person responsible for your project, from the very first call or email.

Still Have Questions About Website Design?

Give Delta Creations a call today.  We have developed over 370 websites since 2001, and can provide you with free answers to your web design questions.  Our company designs websites for clients across the United States.  Please call 225-337-4360 now for a free quote, or you may also email us for other answers to your questions.







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