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Review of Newsletter Service


My name is Joel, and I've been developing websites since 2001.  I first created an account with EzineDirector in January of 2004, I believe that I found them by doing a Google search for email companies.  It's 2014, and I'm still a happy user of their services.


Before then, I didn't even realize why someone needed to set up an account with a mass email company like that.  If I had to send an email to dozens of people, I figured that I could just add their email addresses and click send, right?  Wrong.  I found out the hard way that many internet service providers like AOL, Comcast and Bellsouth would often stick someone's email address on a blocked list of senders if that person sent out enough emails that it looked like it may be spam.


After realizing this, I checked out a few different newsletter sites, and chose Ezinedirector.  The main reason why is that I knew that I could send out thousands of emails at a time for myself or a client, and the chances of being blocked were slim to none.


The other big selling point then, and today, was the pricing.  With Ezinedirector, I'm allowed to create different emailing lists for different clients, all under one account.  I pay only $19.50 a month, and that allows me to send up to 19,499 emails monthly.  That means if I have 19,000 subscribers to my email newsletter, I can send out one mass email to them a month.  But if I had only 600 subscribers, I could literally send them a mass email every single day of the month, and still fall under my 19,499 email limit (meaning I still pay $19.50 a month).  Of course, I wouldn't actually send out mass emails like that every day.


How does that pricing compare to other companies?  When it comes to big newsletter companies, the main one that I notice being talked about is CC (no need to say the whole name, you can probably guess the company).  A few of my web design clients use CC, and to be perfectly honest, it's a nice email service.  But the difference in pricing between their company and Ezinedirector is night and day when you start to get more subscribers.  If I have 19,000 subscribers to my Ezinedirector account, it only costs me $19.50 a month.  But for the exact same number of subscribers (19,000), CC charges $150 a month under their standard plan.  There are differences in features, but nothing that would warrant me paying $130 more a month than I already do.


As a whole, Ezinedirector is fairly easy to use.  I log into my account, write up an email that I want to send to subscribers, schedule it for a later date, and they do the rest.  I have automatic forms set up on different websites that allows site visitors to enter their email and sign up for a newsletter.  I don't have to do anything, I just sit and wait as my subscriber list grows.  Plus, my clients can collect email addresses at their physical location, and then manually add several hundred emails to their Ezinedirector account just by uploading a single text file with the addresses on it.


For the last eight years, I think I've had to contact their technical support maybe once or twice.  I got fast service, and have no complaints.  In a nutshell, Ezinedirector is affordable, easy to use, and reliable.  Whenever a new client hires me to design their website, and asks about setting up an email list, I always recommend Ezinedirector. 


The interesting thing is that Ezinedirector doesn't even have an affiliate program, meaning that I don't make a dime if I get one of my clients to sign up for their services.  They simply have the features and pricing that are a good fit for my clients, so I recommend them.  I think they should at least send me a t-shirt or something, but for now, I'll keep referring my clients to Ezinedirector.


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