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Need to Know the Cost of a Restaurant Website?


You're here because you would like to know what a new restaurant website will cost. I'd be happy to give you the answer. I'm Joel. I'm a web designer, but I've also worked as a waiter and bartender. Not only can I help you out with answers to website questions, but I also know a bit more about what you do than most web designers. So here's the deal...

The cost of a restaurant website usually depends on:

  • How custom the graphic design is.

  • How many pages the website will have.

  • If the company designing your site will also write the text.

  • If the website will be set up to rank well on search sites like Google.

I'll keep it simple. The more time someone spends designing all the graphics (images) for your website, the more your budget should be. And the more time they spend creating different pages for the site, the more it will cost.


Not all restaurant owners and managers write the text for their websites. So a web design company may charge extra to write it for them. As far as getting your website found on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, that can also affect the price.

So here's what you can expect to pay for a website:


Most web design companies in the United States charge $3,000 to $8,000 on average for a restaurant website. But don't run off if that seems high, because that's not what our average website costs. Let me break it down.


There is no "standard" hourly rate for website design and marketing services. Web design companies simply decide what they will charge you for a website, or optional services you may need. It's not unusual for our clients to tell us that another web design company quoted them $20,000 for a website. You can buy a brand new car for that much money.


Most of our restaurant clients pay about $500 to $3,000 for a completely custom website, on average. And we've been designing restaurant sites since 2001. In fact, we don't even charge our restaurant clients to get their websites to show up well on search sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We don't charge them to write the text for their sites. So why are our prices so different?

Here's why we charge less for websites than other companies:

There are two big reasons why our websites don't cost as much as what many other designers will charge you.


Reason #1 is that we don't need a bunch of people, each paid a salary, to work on your site. If I'm handling your project, chances are that I won't need help. I'll design the graphics based on how you'd like the site to look. I'll use advertising psychology when I write the text for each page, to make people more likely to visit your restaurant. I'll also "optimize" your site so that it can rank well on search websites. So we don't have to inflate our quotes just to make sure five different people can get paid to work on just one project.


Reason #2 is that we don't pay to advertise our company. Not a penny. We don't pay for magazine ads, phone book ads, mailers. Not even those advertisements that show up at the top and right of Google's results. That's because we know how to get websites, including our own site, to show up well on search engines. That's how you found our site in the first place, right?


Well not all web design companies know what we do about internet marketing. So what do they do to get found? They pay money to Google, Yahoo and Bing so that their site shows up at the top of the results. They didn't earn that spot by understanding how search engines work. They paid for that spot. And that type of advertising costs those design companies money. Guess how they make that money back? They charge their clients high rates for websites, so they can keep advertising. Since we don't pay for advertising, that means you pay less for your website.

What about web designers that charge a monthly fee?

Not every web design company asks you to pay a few thousand dollars for a website. Some of those designers will just ask you to pay a "small" monthly fee. What could be wrong with that? Let me tell you.


Many of the websites offered at a monthly fee are not custom. By that, I mean that the sites are based on a pre-made "template" that they simply add your business name to. This means that another restaurant in your city could potentially pay for a website with the exact same layout as yours. Even worse, potential customers may even think that you "stole" the idea for your site from another restaurant.


Also, some of these pre-made sites may not be set up to rank well on Google. So what ends up happening? You pay a monthly fee for a website that isn't even helping you get new customers. What good is a website if it can't easily be found? But that's not even the biggest problem with paying for a website monthly.


The main problem with monthly fees are what you end up paying in the long run. Let's say that you find a company willing to charge you only $50 a month for a restaurant site. Sounds inexpensive, right? Well just consider that after 10 years, you will have spent $6,000 total for a generic website. Instead, you could have paid only $1,000 or $2,000 for an original-looking website that was yours to keep forever.


Still have questions about getting a website?

I'd love to hear from you. As I said at the beginning, I'm Joel, and I'm here to help. If you would like answers to others questions, or even a free quote on a website, please call me directly at 225-337-4360 right now. You can also send us an email for more info.







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